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Web design online store ethnic clothes

Web Design Online Store, national and ethnic clothing (Ukrainian embroidered shirts, men's and women's clothing).

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Web site design modeling agency

Web Site Design Agency of the Model clothes Sofia Maria Sedov. Web design is built in the classical style for modeling agencies in the fashion style of the site

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Web site design rehabilitation center New Home

Web site design for rehabilitation center. Creating a logo, developing a conceptual site design and development website templates.

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Web design and e-commerce Comfort Style

Web design and e-commerce Comfort Style in Moscow. Order redesign online store and create an online store bedding

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Web decision, web syte development

The level of modern IT technologies is rapidly developing since the 80s of last century and reached the current level of cross-platformness, objectness, modularity. Why do create the wheel again from scratch? End user is not interested and do not need to know in detail which technologies You should work with. He is interested in final product, its usability and functionality.

What do this for? There are two simple reasons:

  1. Cheaper product development.
  2. Rapid product development.

In this section we offer our clients a list of most popular web solutions for different areas, namely:

  1. CMS (CMS - content management system);
  2. E-commerce (online store);
  3. News portal (news lysts);
  4. Forums (Forums);
  5. Web portals (Web portal);
  6. Web gallery (web-galleries).

1. CMS (content management systems):

CMS - is automatic Web content management system (content) by which the client himself, without assistance, using the interface and without knowing the details of web technology alone can fill the site content, manage its sections and web pages. This process is functionally simple and understandable for the user interface such as programmable systems interface in style Windows API (currently the most common in the world).

site creation, web design

Creation of online store for manufacturing company fashion house Nika. A web design was developed. Created online store. Connected payment systems. LIQPAY.

site creation, site development

Web design development and creation of a business site for the Canadian company of FOX Services. Site with content management system. Slider-gallery of goods and services of company.

2. E-commerce (Online store):

Online store - is a web directory for the sale of goods and services. Shopping Online is done by users (visitors) of the site via a special interface so-called trading basket. Online store, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, webshop, or virtual download of goods causes an analogy to purchase products in retail stores. For such systems the characteristic methods of payment are Internet-neck, credit cards, electronic payments, checks, etc. For this purpose modules of work on the systems of payment are built. If the customer wishes to have a unique method of payment, because of their beloved system for receiving online payments - the module is programmed. Also, a characteristic feature, especially for foreign systems are automated module delivery of goods (shipping). In Ukraine, yet such systems are not available. Although for the price calculation of delivery is programmed in the module that automatically (depending on the specific prices of transport partner) will form the delivery price for the customer according to the criteria defined in the store.

web site creation, site development

Development of site of directory of company of producing furniture. A conceptual design of web site feedback form conected on AJAX. Formed catalog. An optimization. Designed company logo and website. A Web site promotion.

flash design, online store development

Online store of music CDs and files. Flash design online music store. Flash animation "burning fire" and sound music speakers. A web design, a web shop and payment system of SMS payments online. Online customers can buy music files and download them.

3. News feeds, news portals

Newswires - are the popular blogs, news sites, in which news are generated either manually or dynamically imported from other sources through the channels of RSS, XML-through technology.

4. Forums (Forums)

Forum - is a platform for communication between people, groups of users on the same topic, or sections. It is a very popular form of coverage for their opinions or information on the web.

5. Web portals (Web portals)

Web portal - is a web platform, where are a lot of categories and sections, starting from weather and ending with finances. Examples of video portal, developed by us You can see in our portfolio.

6. Web gallery (Web gallery)

Web Gallery - is a catalog of photos. A distinctive feature of the online gallery among other directories that is functional and paid more attention to the criteria for displaying, searching and sorting photos. It is very popular among photographers, painters and artists. With Web Gallery - creative people can sell their works of art through the Internet or simply put them on display.

web site creation, video advertising

Business portal of video advertising. Internet project for promotion of business, video portal, TV, video adv. Promotion and advertising of goods and services to customers online. Areas for business promotion.

site development, online store development

Online shoes store. Online store allows you to accept payment through the Internet too. A site design, web programming. A website promotion.

Ordering of site creation

All the other orders if they do not fall under the default settings will be developed in a specific order.

The end result of work - is a fully functional working and tested Web product, which contains both the front and administrative web system of web site that meets the latest standards of Web Development and web programming.

If You are interested in more information about the project - contact us to order services design. You can immediately assess and order site creation.