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Web design online store ethnic clothes

Web Design Online Store, national and ethnic clothing (Ukrainian embroidered shirts, men's and women's clothing).

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Web site design modeling agency

Web Site Design Agency of the Model clothes Sofia Maria Sedov. Web design is built in the classical style for modeling agencies in the fashion style of the site

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Web site design rehabilitation center New Home

Web site design for rehabilitation center. Creating a logo, developing a conceptual site design and development website templates.

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Web design and e-commerce Comfort Style

Web design and e-commerce Comfort Style in Moscow. Order redesign online store and create an online store bedding

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Web design development

 Web design - is commonly known concept on the Internet, but not all of us fully understand that the concept of site web design includes.

Site web design includes many concepts and technologies that are currently used on the Internet. For example on the slang of Web masters it is needed to design or redesign some existing web site that is morally outdated, because it was based on the HTML 3.02 or even more earlier. Today, HTML4.01 or XHTML are using minimally. Therefore, to develop a web site or redesign the site You should primarily:

  1. Define the audience during the development of this web site.
  2. Identify the basic colors and styles that will bestly reflect web site for this category of visitors.
  3. When developing a Web site, including site design development You should take into account that the total weight of page of the web site should not exceed 100Kb. This lets You quickly open web pages regardless of the type of network connection of each user (dial-up connection, ADSL, leased line).
  4. During the manufacturing of site web  design designer or website developer must also take into account the functional purpose of the web site and how it should be integrated in the management system of the site. For example, simple representative Internet site, site-business card, or content management systemForum or online store, online catalog have completely different target areas and the less graphical part of the web design would be for such sites - the better is. Therefore, the designer (developer) must pay more attention not to picture in this case, bot to the style of web site called CSS. This will allow web developers who will continue to integrate conceptual site design into a web site system, "to solve the hands."
  5. The so-called "cutting" of patterns of conceptual web design should also be made qualitatively  and must meet all modern Internet standards. Thus, web site should qualitatively and identically be displayed in all known browsers. It is desirable that the cutting of templates of the site design was not a tabular block (div cutting), the width of the page should be dynamic (rubber design) and vary from different types of users and types of monitors.
  6. The navigation of the web site and developed site structure should be simple and clear for user. This will allow possibility to easily navigate the site and do not get confused when searching for information. When developing a web site (site structure, design) takes into account the specific kind and type of navigation, and a place, where  the Internet site navigation, content of site (Web site content information) or animations (flash design, flash animation), inserting web graphics will be. 
Therefore, if the emphasis must be placed not on the artistic design, or rather not exaggerate with pictures, and functional prescription and using of the site management system - the whole attention is not accentuate on the number of web design, but on overall functionality of the content management system. The Internet has the concept of web templates - done templates of the design. the customer's wishes. Using the basic templates and finished web decisions can save on cost of web design, and spread over more resources for web programming. Example: online shop (online store, online catalog), forum , news, etc. When developing online stores standart web templates are mostly used. Web design in the internet shop mainly uses the logo and title (the main element of web design that reflects the essence of the online store at one glance). All the rest is standardized- and You shoul not pay too much attention to this. Although - it is on the taste of the client. If a customer wants to make a unique e-shop both on web design and on technology of the using of web systems, web programming - is his right.

Now more details of the site web design. In computer science web design differs from artistic design. The designer can work as with ready elements as develop them himself. There are raster (web design) and vector design (graphic design). In the first case, the designer is working with photos - in the second with virtual elements - vector lines and colors. Although it is difficult to functionally separate raster and vector design in web design, but raster design is mostly used on web sites and vector, or graphic design - in printing. How do they differ? Dot matrix design can not be increased to the infinity - photo loses quality. Therefore, for printing on paper (flyers, business cards, brochures, calendars, brochures, etc.) raster design is suitable, unless the photo is specially manufactured with high resolving capacity of more than 300 DPI. Vector graphics - are the pictures recorded with Postscript code that send to the system that is used, picture encoding of the image and no quality is lost in displaying and printing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

For web design in most cases photos are used - they look more realistic and do not have great resolving ability. When developing a Web site browsing is not done on the posters, but on the screen - where Resolution 72 pixels per inch.

When developing a web site, designer can use design to fit specific applications. The mosth popular and developed are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Xara. For 3D-design is used 3D-MAX.

Web design includes:

- web graphics

- banners

- icons

- menu

If You need more details of the basic parameters in order to develop a web site - use our form to order web design. If You have any questions - please contact us.