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Web design online store ethnic clothes

Web Design Online Store, national and ethnic clothing (Ukrainian embroidered shirts, men's and women's clothing).

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Web site design modeling agency

Web Site Design Agency of the Model clothes Sofia Maria Sedov. Web design is built in the classical style for modeling agencies in the fashion style of the site

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Web site design rehabilitation center New Home

Web site design for rehabilitation center. Creating a logo, developing a conceptual site design and development website templates.

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Web design and e-commerce Comfort Style

Web design and e-commerce Comfort Style in Moscow. Order redesign online store and create an online store bedding

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Site development, music portal

створення музичного сайту, створення сайту


Music site. A conceptual design music of web site was done, created flash animation and logo developed of music portal. When creating a music portal site was used the following web technologies php, mysql, flash, ajax, javascript.

In developing of music portal and social network:

  • Conceptual web design;
  • A flash animation
  • Programmed music site;
  • Programmed media portal;
  • Chat for users;
  • social network;

social network

Features of music portal:


  • Multi
  • Localization on ukrainian, russian, english and other languages

Music site, music portal, social network

  • Video albums, videos, youtube videos
  • online photo albums, free photo
  • Events Calendar of events
  • Music online music catalog, free music, music mp3, music mp3, phonogram free online phonogram
  • Blogs, online blogs, free blogs
  • Web Directory, directory ads, free ads, free ads, free advertising
  • Ability to post comments on video files, music files, photo albums
  • Live chat between users. Private chat, public chat
  • Top music
  • Top music, Top active users, users online

SEO optimization:

  • Optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • Advertising site
  • Web site
  • Advertising on the web
  • Edited addresses of Web pages
  • Automatic generation of META Keywords, META Title and META Description Internship for each user category of users and user group site.

Media Portal or social network was designed as a free download / download music (minuses, plyuses, MP3), photo albums, pictures and chat online for free to users. With music portal (section of media portal) users can share music, their photo albums, create public or private groups. In this section through calendar - users can publish their online events and invite many participants at the meeting. Free Classifieds Section will publish their ads and advertising. Unlike paid advertising resources online - this resource is completely free for users. Users can publish, promote and advertise their sites for free.

sites with music

Order internet portal

All the other orders if they do not fall under the default settings will be developed in a specific order.

The end result of work - is a fully functional working and tested Web product, which contains both the front and administrative web system of web site that meets the latest standards of Web Development and web programming.

If You are interested in more information about the project - contact us to order services design. You can immediately assess and order site creation.